Digital Nomad 101 Book by Kristin Wilson

Digital Nomad 101 Book

The Ultimate Digital Nomad "Bible" and Guide to the Location-Independent Lifestyle. 

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Become a Digital Nomad

Whether you want to work and travel or work-from-home, anyone can learn to become a digital nomad. It's never too late to start and I will teach you how! 

99% of remote workers never want to go back to an office. You can be one of them!

 What you'll learn in this book:

  • How to become a digital nomad and where to start. 
  • The best ways to make money online. 
  • How to figure out what your digital nomad job should be. 
  • How to find legitimate remote jobs.
  • When or if you should quit your job or change careers.
  • How to attract clients as a freelancer. 
  • How to budget for full-time travel. 
  • What you need to start an online business.
  • How to generate recurring passive income streams.
  • The best remote work tools and apps. 
  • How to stay productive when you work from home.
  • How to meet people and avoid becoming lonely as a remote worker. 
  • How to succeed long-term as a digital nomad.
  • The main reasons why digital nomads fail.
  • What it’s like to date as a digital nomad.
  • Where to live: the best digital nomad destinations.
  • How to find housing as a digital nomad.
  • How to find good WiFi anywhere in the world.
  • An overview of co-working and co-living options.
  • Travel tips and hacks: Booking cheap flights and more. 
  • A complete list of remote work resources including digital nomad conferences, events, and retreats.
  • How to stay healthy when you work from home.
  • What to pack – my digital nomad packing list. 
  • And much more!

Plus, answers to common questions about: taxes, banking, insurance, and more. 


After burning out in business school at 21 years old, I knew the rat race would be too stressful for me. So, I moved to Costa Rica to find better work-life balance. 

I soon found out that I didn’t have to sacrifice income for freedom. In fact, I made more money living abroad than I would working in a regular 9-5 job in the United States. 

15 years later, I'm still working online and traveling full-time as a digital nomad while helping thousands of other people do the same. So, I decided to write this book to share everything I know and provide a step-by-step guide to achieving location independence. 

What's included?


Part 1: Digital Nomad Basics

In part one of this book, we take a look at what digital nomads are, how to make the shift to this new way of living and working, and why now is best time to embrace the concept of location independence. 

Chapter 1: What Is a Digital Nomad?

Chapter 2: How We Got Here: The History of Remote Work

Chapter 3: Why Digital Nomads and Why Now 

Part 2: How to Become a Digital Nomad - Where to Start

Chapter 4: Are You Ready to Become a Digital Nomad? 

Chapter 5: How to Combine Your Passion and Purpose as a Digital Nomad.

Chapter 6: To Travel or Not to Travel? 

Chapter 7: Breaking the News: How to talk to your family, friends, and employer about your decision to go remote. 

Part 3: How to Make Money as a Digital Nomad

Chapter 8: Types and Categories of Digital Nomad Jobs

Chapter 9: How to Find Remote Jobs as a Digital Nomad

Chapter 10: How to Create Your Own Job as a Digital Nomad

Chapter 11: So You Want to Be a Blogger...

Chapter 12: How to Generate Passive Income

Chapter 13: How to Make Money as a Freelancer

Chapter 14: How to Start an Online Business

Chapter 15: Banking, Taxes, and Finances as a Digital Nomad

Chapter 16: How to Succeed on Remote Teams

Chapter 17: Developing Your Personal Brand as a Digital Nomad or Remote Worker

Part 4: Digital Nomad Travel - Your Digital Nomad Relocation Plan

Chapter 18: Why Travel as a Digital Nomad

Chapter 19: Travel Basics and Slow Travel 

Chapter 20: The Top Digital Nomad Destinations

Chapter 21: Finding Housing Abroad

Chapter 22: Budgeting to Work and Travel 

Chapter 23: Travel Insurance and Logistics

Chapter 24: Travel Tips: Flights, Packing, WiFi, and More

Part 5: Finding Your Place in the Future of Work

Chapter 25: Health and Wellness as a Remote Worker

Chapter 26: Remote Worker Productivity and Work-Life Balance

Chapter 27: Finding Community

Chapter 28: Your Exit Strategy

Chapter 29: Long-Term Location Independence: Embracing Success and Avoiding Common Pitfalls


I remember when Kristin moved to Costa Rica and I thought “wow, she’s so brave”. But I feel that a lot of my “successful” and well-educated friends are seeing this shift in living during the pandemic.
Leah Henry
Truly enjoyable writing, Kristin. Could not put it down ✍️
You are a very good writer and I am looking forward to reading more. 
William Pavlov
Literally best article I’ve read in whoever knows how long. Thanks for the amazing read, Kristin! 
Keep on inspiring people to live their lives on their terms (like you!)
Noah Levy